Skype sleep

Skype sleep
To create a Skype connection with a faraway partner and then fall asleep together.
Skype sleeping pp.
Example Citations:
Kaj Hasselriis brings us the sweet story of a couple who "Skype Sleep", that is keeping their laptops on all night and falling asleep together on Skype.
—Nora Young, " Spark 161 - November 6 & 9, 2011:," CBC Radio, November 6, 2011
Another tip for Skype-sleeping would to leave a night light or a bedside lamp on so you don't appear as a black block on the screen.
—" Looking at You Looking at Me:," Glimmerbomb, February 28, 2012
Earliest Citation:
Skype sleep
Going to sleep with your laptop open next to your pillow and running Skype and watching your girlfriend or boyfriend, who is doing the same.
—" Skype sleep:," Urban Dictionary, October 8, 2010
Many thanks to the fabulous Karen H. for spying this term.
The more general practice of leaving a Skype connection open is known as ambient Skype:
For the first time in my life I used a Skype video call with my wife today as an ambient backdrop to life, rather than just as tool for having a conversation. I'd always wanted to try it, ever since hearing my friend and colleague Dave Newbold mention, in a presentation he was giving a couple of years ago about the near future for technology and social interaction, something he'd heard described as 'ambient Skype', whereby people leave a voice client running in the background while they are away from home as a way of being almost-there.
—Roo Reynolds, "Ambient Skype," Roo Reynolds - What's Next?," March 12, 2008
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